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Jardim Botānico Neotropicum
What needs to be done urgently


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Plans for the immediate future:

The approximately 400 species of epiphytes: Bromeliads, Orchids and Cactuses, need to be transferred from the clay pots to 1m high and 40cm in diameter concrete rings for a permanent, more organized and registered outside collection in the area numbered (10). The rings need to be filled with rocks for drainage and with coconut fibers for rooting at the top. Cultivation numbers have to be painted with waterproof paint on the rings border.
The terrestrial species collection: Heliconias, Gingers, Costus, Marantas and some Cactus and Orchids; needs to be amplified (area numbered 9) and many additional collections have been made and are not properly planted. Approximately 100, 1m in diameter and 30 cm high concrete rings are necessary. The rings have to be filled with soil rich in organic matter and the cultivation numbers have to be painted with water proof paint on the rings border.


400 concrete rings, 1m high and 40cm in diameter and filled with rocks:
Materials: US$ 7.00 each
Labor: US$ 4.00 each
Total: US$ 11.00 each X 400= US$ 4,400.00

200 concrete rings, 30cm high and 1m in diameter:
Materials: US$ 4.00 each
Labor: US$ 3.00 each
Total: US$ 7.00 each X 100= US$ 700.00

Total: US$ 5,100.00

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